Sunday, June 29, 2014

Already Missing Gold Camp

It's been a little over a week now since I've been at gold camp, and I miss it so much.  Even though camp was very busy and tiring, it isn't fun being back home and back to reality.  Our days at camp consisted of waking up (rather early), driving up to Mount Hood and training on the boardercross course for around 4 hours. After on snow training, as a group we would then do around an hour of dry-land training which consisted of core work, hurdles, regeneration and even some fun games of soccer.  Staying with my coach, Ross Hindman, my teammates and I were always able to look forward to an extremely amazing and large meal for dinner that Ross so kindly cooked.  After filling our stomachs, we would recover after our long day with a nice yoga session.
I already cannot wait for my next snow adventure! Can anyone say Argentina?  :)))

ISTC team yoga session
Taste the rainbow

Team dinners thanks to Ross! Huge salad!

Dry-land Training

Our winter experience at the end of the week.... Snow in the summer? Say what!?

My Morning Commute 


Selfies for dayzz

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  1. The adventure you had looks so fun. Thanks for sharing the experience.